Converting a Traditional Washer or Dryer to Per Minute Use

Transforming a traditional washer or dryer into a per-minute usage system involves leveraging a cellular smart outlet with API, Zapier, and Stripe. This setup allows for seamless payment collection and automated control over the appliance’s usage duration. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Platforms/Products Used:

  • Cellular Smart Outlet with API: Utilize a cellular-enabled smart outlet with an API to remotely control and monitor the washer or dryer. This device should support programmable interactions through its API.
  • Zapier: Employ Zapier as an automation platform to connect the smart outlet with other services. It enables the creation of workflows (Zaps) for seamless integration between different applications.
  • Stripe: Utilize Stripe as an online payment processing platform to securely handle payment transactions for the per-minute usage of the washer or dryer.

Step 1: Install Cellular Smart Outlet

  1. Purchase and install the cellular smart outlet on the power supply of the washer or dryer.
  2. Activate the smart outlet and obtain the necessary authentication credentials, such as AuthToken, from the device management portal.

Step 2: Create a Stripe Account

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Stripe account at the official Stripe website.
  2. Set up your account details and configure payment settings to enable secure payment processing.

Step 3: Set Up a Zapier Account

  1. If you don’t have one, create a Zapier account on their official website.
  2. Configure your Zapier account settings and connect it to relevant applications and services.

Step 4: Create Stripe Product and Payment Link

  1. Login to your Stripe dashboard and navigate to the Product Catalog.
  2. Add a new product specifically for per-minute usage of the washer or dryer.
  3. Define the product details, including pricing per minute.
  4. Generate a payment link or QR code for customers to initiate payment for usage.

Step 5: Create Zap for Usage Control and Payment Processing

  1. In Zapier, create a new Zap specifically for controlling washer or dryer usage and processing payments.
  2. Set the trigger to monitor payment completions on Stripe (e.g., “Checkout Session Completed”).
  3. Configure the action to send a signal to the cellular smart outlet’s API, activating the appliance for the purchased duration.
  4. Test the Zap to ensure seamless integration between Stripe, Zapier, and the smart outlet.

By following these steps, you can effectively convert a traditional washer or dryer to per-minute usage using a cellular smart outlet with API, Zapier, and Stripe. This integration streamlines payment collection and usage control, offering a convenient solution for both owners and users.